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Protectics was founded in 1991 by Robert Agar-Hutton who saw the need for a company that would specialises in delivering training courses in the management of anger, aggression and violence. 
A blend of intellectual, academic and physical skills is what makes Protectics' training so useful and their courses so interesting and enjoyable. Just like life, the courses include experience, thought and action. 
The Protectics 'blend' ensures that the training is assimilated quickly and (far more importantly) is remembered! Too often skills learnt in a training course are forgotten by the time that they are needed.  

We offer training in:

· Dealing with Verbal Aggression.
· Dealing with Physical Aggression.
· Breakaway Training. 
· Personal Safety Awareness (Corporate and private clients).
· Anger Management - Coach Training.

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Robert Agar-Hutton
Robert (who was born in 1953) has had a varied background as an accountant, a computer programmer and systems analyst, a business and marketing consultant, a website designer, a trainer, a motivational speaker, a publisher and an author.

He has been involved in the martial and health arts all his adult life. He is one of a small number of people in the UK who are academically qualified within the martial arts domain, having studied full time at the University of Derby (Buxton campus) from 2007-2010 as a full time student and achieving a B.Sc. (Hons) in Martial Arts and Sports Psychology.

Robert holds a 6th degree black belt in Karate Jutsu and is registered with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain as a Senior Level instructor (The highest of their four instructor designations). 
As an author he has written paperback books and eBooks that sell worldwide including: "How to Deal with Verbal Aggression" (ISBN 1-899293-78-7) and"Anger Management For You" (ISBN 978-1-909133-02-0). 
Robert says: 
"Since 1991 I have been sharing my knowledge and skills and have been able to help many many people in an enormous range of organisations. I am fortunate to be doing something that is so worthwhile and hopefully safeguards many people and the people (clients, co-workers, residents, etc.) that they work with" 
Lee Agar-Hutton
Lee is the Operations Director at Protectics and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation and co-ordinating training courses.

Lee originally trained as a nurse and has first-hand experience of 'The bad old days' when a physical assualt on a nurse (by a patient) was simply considered 'part of the job'.

She is also an instructor of Tai Chi and a 'mad keen' gym fitness class attendee, hardly ever missing her early morning Zumba or Body Combat or ...

NOTE: The following are just 'mini descriptions' of our courses. Please call us on 07771 333 369 to discuss our courses and (more importantly) your requirements, in detail.
Dealing with Verbal Aggression: 
One-day duration.

For your staff who need help dealing with verbal aggression either on the telephone or face to face. 
Learn how to understand the various causes of verbal aggression and how to deal with aggressive verbal behaviour. The course is modular and can be customised to a wide range of target audiences including Local Government, Call Centres, Customer facing retail staff, and many others.

Dealing with Physical Aggression: 
One-day duration.
Delegates will learn how to be alert to physical aggression and the basic skills required for effective self preservation. The course is suitable for anyone of 'average' health (i.e. engaged in work) and focuses on teaching a simple set of principles and techniques that allow physical aggression to be dealt with in as peaceful a manner as possible. 
Most of the techniques taught are 'Self Preservation', where the emphasis is on maintaining personal safety in response to a single incident (e.g. a punch, a shove, being strangled). There are also some techniques taught that may be classed as 'Self Defence', which is where an attacker persists with an assault, or the assault is so aggressive, that the only practicable defence is to prevent the attacker from being able to continue with the assault.

Breakaway Training:
One-day duration.

Carers and their clients sometimes come into conflict. Learn how to maintain your safety whilst also protecting your client. Challenging behaviour can range from 'mildly irritating' to 'life threatening'. This course will show your staff how to deal with challenging behaviour in a practical and safe manner. 
This course is mainly physical in nature, teaching breakaway techniques and practising them (repeatedly until they become an automatic reflex). 
Your staff will learn a few, highly effective, techniques that are simple to use and as safe as possible for both 'you' and the 'client'. The techniques are easy to learn and remember, and in many cases, techniques are multi-purpose, and can be used in a variety of different situations.

Personal Safety Awareness:
One-Day duration.

'Personal Safety Awareness' is ideal for anyone who may have to face the threat of verbal or physical danger. 
It is a basic course in risk awareness and assessment and verbal and physical self-preservation strategies. The course can be tailored to a wide range of target audiences, however it is especially useful for people who have to visit clients' homes, workplaces, or other venues which they may not be familiar with.

Anger Management coach training: 
Five days duration - 2 days one week, 2 days a couple of weeks later, and an assessment day.
Helping people to deal with their anger is a useful skill and something that benefits both the individual and the organisation. 
A five day Anger Management Coach certification course teaches delegates how to become a coach and administer and facilitate the anger management programme when working with people for whom management of their own anger is an issue. 
The great advantage with our course is that as long as the delegates have training or coaching skills we can give them the tools to help people with anger issues. Unlike an anger management counselor who needs to learn complex skills, our anger management coach training is completely self-contained. At the end of the training course your coaches will be able to help people simply because our training methodology allows people to change their own anger habits without psychotherapeutic intervention.

Our fee structure is quite simple - £1000 per day plus expenses. So a one day Dealing with Verbal Aggression or a one day Breakaway Training course costs... £1000. A five day Anger Management Coach Training course costs £5000.

We know a lot of companies would charge '£995' or '£4995', as it's a better price point from a 'psychological' or 'marketing' standpoint'. Heck, we used to do it ourselves. However we now believe that there is no place for 'cute sales tricks' when dealing with people's safety.
Terms of Trade
All training courses have to be paid for at least two weeks in advance. 

Overseas clients have to pay one month in advance.
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